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The Archeoscope

Jan Kulka, OV with English subs
Followed by a performance by Jan Kulka

Preliminary Exercises
Jan Kulka, Czechia 2016, 16mm found footage, 20 min.

Jan Kulka, Czechia 2016, flickering light, stencils, 25 min.

The Archeoscope is an analogue, hand-operated projecting apparatus for live film performances. Understanding film as an “articulation of light”, the apparatus was created to experiment with and experience the physiology of perception. It can project all standard film formats, as well as various other materials such as adhesive tape, bandages and lace. The only way to witness the projection of The Archeoscope is to attend a live projection and see it with one's own naked eyes, as the phenomena perceived on the screen are technically irreproducible.

Jan Kulka is a Prague-based experimental filmmaker. His primary focus is the invention of special projection apparatuses for live performances. Rather than telling a story, he tries to target the senses of each spectator directly with light and sound to reveal some of the foundations of our perception.