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June 2022

New Woman, New Narrative

A program by C/LENS in cooperation with Sinema Transtopia
Curated by Tang Xuedan (Echo)

New Woman, New Narrative is a film series that explores the tension between Chinese women who live through a sweeping feminist awakening and the omnipresent patriarchy in China. Transgender girls, university students, lesbian activists – as women, they confront similar challenging realities and create extraordinary narratives. The selected films offer a chance to take an in-depth look at the development of feminist issues in contemporary Chinese society and how this manifests in individuals.We invite you to come together to explore: How do women cope with the complicated gender relationships in contemporary China? What are the conditions they are faced with? How is feminism perceived in both the activism and the micropolitics of women’s everyday lives?

C/LENS is a Berlin-based, non-profit film curation project that explores cinema as a space for transcultural dialogues by showcasing Chinese independent films that are rarely exhibited. The curatorship mainly focuses on socio-political issues regarding women, migration and urbanization represented in Chinese filmmakers’ works.

Tang Xuedan (Echo) is a Berlin-based cultural worker and film curator from Chengdu, China. Before moving to Berlin, she studied arts and cultural management in London and then worked as a documentary producer in Beijing. She initiated C/LENS in 2022, a project which reflects her strong intersectional interest and ongoing research into cinema studies, feminism, and socially engaged practices.

We Are Here

We Are Here

Zhao Jing / Shi Tou , China 2015, 58 Min. Min., OV with English subs