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Segudang Wajah Para Penantang Masa Depan

The Myriad of Faces of the Future Challengers
I Gde Mika, Yuki Aditya, Indonesia 2022, 91 Min., OV with English subs

During the leadership of President Soeharto (1966-1998) under the New Order government, Indonesian Cinema brought forth important figures that are still being discussed today. It was a period in which strict censorship operated to regulate and maintain the narrative that may or may not appear on the screen. It was an era when the opposition could only be represented through the perspective of the New Order regime itself, to conserve the danger of a latent, spectral enemy. Segudang Wajah Para Penantang Masa Depan asks: can cinema represent the faith of its own era? Can cinema speak about what should not be expressed or has not been expressed?