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Like & Share

Gina S. Noer, Indonesia 2022, 112 Min., OV with English subs, DCP

The screening will be introduced by Lisabona Rahman

Teenage best friends Lisa and Sarah are exploring making videos to induce sensory experience, known as ASMR. This allows them to discover the body and ideas of pleasure, something that is denied by their immediate surroundings in the family and in school. Discovery of sensual pleasure is at the center of this film in which writer/director Gina S. Noer critically examines the conflict between people who want to keep it thriving and the society that desires to suppress it. Friendship offers a possibility of sanctuary for Lisa and Sarah, when family and relationships put them under pressure. Like & Share is the third directorial work from an acclaimed pop filmmaker, showing the growth of feminist expressions in contemporary Indonesian cinema. (LR)

Lisabona Rahman is a film archivist and programmer based in Berlin.


LIKE & SHARE, Gina S. Noer