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Red Rubber Boots + The Boy Who Rushed

OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with

Trigger warning: The films show explicit images of murdered people.

After the screening talk with Borjana Gaković and Madeleine Bernstorff

Crvene gumene čizme 
Red Rubber Boots
Jasmila Žbanić, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2000, 18 Min. OV with english subtitles

When Jasna's two children were abducted by Serbian soldiers during the Bosnian war, her son Amar was four years old, her daughter Ajla just nine months. Years after this terrible event, Jasmila Žbanić accompanies Jasna as she tries to find the remains of her children in the mass graves opened after the war. Their bodies should have decomposed by now, she says in an almost unbearable moment, but Amar was wearing red rubber boots, so they might have lasted.

Dečko kojem se žurilo
The Boy Who Rushed
Biljana Čakić-Veselič, Croatia 2001, 52 Min. OV with english subtitles

The director's search for traces of her brother, who disappeared in the early 1990s during the war in Croatia, becomes an attempt to reconstruct his personality. What kind of person was Ivan and how does he live on in the memories of those who loved and knew him? In her search, Čakić-Veselič finds countless traces of destruction: in the gardens of abandoned houses there lie remains, scattered bones, a mass grave. Disturbingly, we learn about the everyday lives of the survivors, those who find human skulls and bones during fieldwork. It is not until nine years after the filming began that Ivan's remains are identified.