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Focus On:

The *Other* German Cinema – Intergeneration

Âni Vo, Germany 2022, 30 min., German, Vietnamese with English subtitles

Verrücktes Blut (Crazy Blood)
Can Tanyol, Germany 2023, 19 min., German, Turkish with English subtitles

Yallah Habibi (C'mon!)
Mahnas Sarwari, Germany 2019, 27 min., Dari, German with English subtitles

Mama Liebt Mich (Mama Loves Me)
Timmi Kwaku Davis, Germany 2023, 18 min., German with English subtitles

Being a little girl with the courage to help someone in need when the adults around you don’t (or can’t); having to “act like a man” in a terrifying and toxic ritual of coming of age; confronting your father who was never there for you and eventually seeing yourself in him: This program presents four heartwarming coming-of-age films that center the stories of BIPOC children and youth as they take different paths from their parents, set boundaries, negotiate conflicts, and learn about their family’s past.

This program is part of the section Focus On: The *other* German Cinema

The *Other* German Cinema conquers the screens! It is refreshingly different because it locates itself beyond othering, stereotypical images, and dominant narratives and practices. Its consciously anti-racist, feminist, queer, intersectional and decolonial films challenge the status quo – with diversity as normality rather than the „other", with subversively empowering stories and nuanced characters. Here BIPOC neither have to represent "their culture" nor serve as tokens for the quota, but rather naturally shape the narrative perspective and attitude of the films from the center of the plot. The interfilm focus "The *Other* German Cinema" presents three programs with a total of 13 short films from the last 10 years, which were made by BIPOC directors and have BIPOC as main characters. Curated by Canan Turan.